Manufactured in the country of Haute Couture - in France

High professionalism

We are happy to have a partner for the production, whose know-how in lingerie and corsetry is irreproachable.

Short distances

The production is located in our neighboring country, only a few away. The quality of our products benefit from this smooth communication.

Made in France

The G-strings by Lucky Cheeks were to be produced in high quality with a tangibly classy and artful design.

The first step, thus, was to find a highly qualified sewing manufactory as a partner. To Muriel, especially the quality of the sewing and decent working conditions for the sewers were of great importance. She found a renowned sewing manufactory near Paris that specializes in high-quality lingerie. The seamstresses' working conditions are very good. They work in a large well-lit room. The highest standard of comfort and safety is offered and the legal working hours are respected. It is a stable, suitably qualified and experienced staff.

With the French speaking sympathetic Belgian Muriel, communication is always easy. This enables a smooth cooperation with all sections of the business - from the executive director to the sewers. Given that, all technical aspects, running periods, materials and further issues are discussed on site with the different sections (production scheduling, cutting, head of studio, executive director) previous to each production.