Our priorities


The high quality of the embroidery and accessories as well as in the production is essential for us.

Good working conditions

We place the highest value on good working conditions for the seamstresses in the production plants - Our manufacturing partner in France ensures this respect.


Lucky Cheeks stands for seduction, elegance and extraordinary quality, since G-string is not G-string. There are everyday life G-strings, sport G-strings and then there are Lucky Cheeks G-strings for the special moments.

Not only the cheeks can consider themselves to be lucky but also the woman who owns one of the luxury G-strings by Lucky Cheeks, the new trend label, which specializes in high-quality sexy mini thongs. The artful and sensual lingerie certainly will bring about one or two smiles.

Lucky Cheeks prefers to move away from the product cliché of indecency and secretiveness and presents itself with a playful smile. Lucky Cheeks stands for lightness and lust for life, for the little pleasures and delights. Thus, the frisky photo series that are published on the Homepage of Lucky Cheeks regularly, cheekily stage the classy lingerie in everyday actions like painting or baking. The promotional film, which was shot for the crowdfunding campaign deals with the perils of making a gift, also with a great sense of humour.

High Quality Materials

The high-quality materials are from Europe. That is, the notable embroidery is from Switzerland, the ornaments with Swarovski elements are from France and the fabrics from Italy.