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We design very sexy thongs giving special consideration to elegance and beauty. We give importance to high quality materials, we love creating this way!


Fostering working conditions, which respect the health, safety and dignity of seamstresses, strengthening employment in Europe and ensuring high quality products, are our priorities. This is the reason we produce in France and buy materials for our thongs in Europe. Our products are not cheaper ... but better!

About us

Lucky Cheeks has its headquarters in Monschau, Germany which is located at the border of Germany, Belgium and Holland - in the heart of Europe.

Founded at the end of the year 2013 by Muriel Klink, our planning phase began with the search for the right partners, fine materials, the development of the prototypes - and then the production of the strings and gift boxes.

Since August 2014, the G-strings are being sold all over Europe.

Founder und Designer
Muriel Klink

The founder Muriel Klink has been fascinated by fine embroidery and lingerie ever since - already at an early age she started to develop her own designs.

It was only after 10 years of working experience in management that the commercial engineer dared to step into independence and established a multi-brand online-shop for luxurious lingerie in 2007. It was then, when she realized that there is still a great lack in high-quality G-strings. With this in mind, she sold the online-shop and launched the label Lucky Cheeks at the end of 2013.