Lucky Lana preparing the dessert

Lucky Lana loves it sweet ... so she decides to prepare the special Lucky Cheeks dessert. Fresh, cool and just delicious.

The recipe:
Put all in a mixer and mix until it's creamy:

  • 1 pottle of whipping cream
  • 300 g natural yoghurt
  • 250 g mascarpone
  • 500 g curd
  • 200 g sugar
Finally layer with 500 g of raspberries and put it for some hours in the refrigerator - it's gonna be so delicious.
Let's see how Lucky Lana does it :-)
photos by Guenter Stoehr

Part1: Everything is prepared. Let's get started.
Part2: mmmh ... pour the whipping cream into a bowl ... I'm getting hungry already :-)
Part3: After pouring the yoghurt, the mascarpone and the curd into the mixer, Lucky Lana weighs the sugar to make it sweet ... as she is :-)
Part4: Now everything in the mixer. Lucky Lana blends it all until it's got a nice and smooth consistency - it has to be real creamy ... mmmhh
Part5: Layer the cream with raspberries ... Ruud said, raspberries got healthy anti-oxidants :-)
Part6: Lucky Lana puts a couple of raspberries on top ... that looks really sweet. Also the cream seems to be really delicious.
Part7: Now it's got to go into the fridge. It'l take a couple of hours. How could Lucky Lana bridge that time?
Part8: The work is done! Now it's time to wait and Lucky Lana can relax ... so she decides to take a little power nap on the sofa. Sleeping Beauty!!!